Meet Dr. Erica Miller! 👋🏼

She is an entrepreneurial spirit  that always knew that she would have a unique impact through chiropractic, because chiropractic introduced itself to her in a very distinct way. Her experiences have ignited 🔥 her passion for helping her fellow chiropractors get the message of hope and healing out to their communities with more ease and more fun!
Hi! As you just read, I’m Dr. Erica Miller, most call me Dr. E. I am the wife to a former pro baseball player, and mom to an energetic & loving little boy.
Chiropractic had a major impact on me when I was walking through a very grueling health challenge when I was in undergrad. Honestly, I scoffed at the idea that chiropractic could help what I was dealing with, and BOY, was I wrong. The rest is history.
I completed my undergrad career at Angelo State University with a Bachelor in Kinesiology with Exercise Science. I then ventured on to Parker University in Dallas, Texas where I graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor in Health & Wellness, Bachelor in Science, and Doctorate in Chiropractic.
My specialty lies in athletes, soft tissue work, women’s health, & leading families to a more holistic lifestyle in general. I have navigated all of the above myself, and it lit a passion in me to help people really know what all their options are when it comes to their health.
I have been lucky enough to serve chiropractic in various roles as a clinician, marketing specialist, and 👩🏼‍💻social media director. Although I thoroughly enjoy being hands on with patients & witnessing the miracles of chiropractic on a day to day basis, I have learned that my strength and passion is through connection and words in delivering the message of chiropractic and holistic living.
Dr. Lauren and I go WAY back, and have had it on our hearts to bring our passion, creativity, and knowledge when it comes to growing a practice. We totally get all the work that goes into it, because we have been there! We are super excited to bring you vitalistic content that engages, inspires, and educates your community in a very effective and unique way. Welcome to The Chiro Collective! 

Meet Dr. Lauren Jessup! 👋🏼

Dr. Lauren, a mama of three, entrepreneur, chiropractor, and doula knew from the young age of 3 that she wanted to be a doctor!
Spending her childhood in and out of the hospital and constantly on medication due to chronic immune issues led her to an early adulthood full of pain, inflammation, and severe mid back pain.
When Dr. Lauren found chiropractic, she found true healing from the inside out, and was able to get completely off of a life time of medication!
With her life restored 🙌🏼 and the desire for every human being to experience healing and abundant health and wellness, Dr. Lauren started chiropractic school with the mission to serve a vitalistic health experience to young women and children so that they could live their best life, too!
After Chiropractic school at Parker University, Dr. Lauren went on to build a million dollar practice in South Arlington.
With an in-depth history in 👩🏼‍💻marketing, advertising, and business management she found a passion for helping other chiropractors do the same but with more grace, ease, and freedom! 🙌🏼
Learning to leverage social media with a powerful and creative marketing plan 📈 inspired Dr. Lauren to share all her resources with her colleagues!
She believes we can all change more lives and experience more FREEDOM TOGETHER… hence, the name The Chiro Collective!
Now, she spends her days creating inspiring chiropractic content for social media and more for her chiropractic brothers & sisters!
She would love nothing more than to serve her heart out to you as a member of The Chiro Collective Family!